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Brook Cutshall, General Contractor, and owner of Cutshall Construction Inc. started his construction experience at the age of 9 by working with his grandfather who had a construction business and water and fire restoration company. After high school, Brook attended the University of Nebraska and later earned his associates degree from Southeast Community College in Business. He then started working for a home remodeler who specialized in kitchens, bathrooms and room additions. He worked for this company for 4 years before deciding in July of 2008 to take on the challenge of owning and operating Cutshall Construction Inc.

Both Brook’s work experience and construction knowledge allow him to able to make your project become a reality. His commitment to organization and keen eye for detail is second to none. Cutshall Construction uses only high quality products, and professional, experienced subcontractors. The construction of your project is supervised by Brook. He is responsible for listening to you and specifications each step of the way. This is how Cutshall Construction guarantees clear communication and mutual understanding throughout the process.



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